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Benefits of Target Learning

Target learning offers a personalized learning experience where sessions are designed to meet a student's individual needs.
Target Learning Benefits:
  • Improved student confidence

  • Academic gains in learning, understanding, and conceptual thinking

  • Our programs include diagnostic assessments

  • *Identify and accommodate student’s individual needs

  • Clarify misconceptions and strengthen academic weaknesses

  • Provide homework help and revision of class work

  • Close learning gaps

  • Accelerate gifted students

  • Offer 24-hour student access to Mathematics and English online educational programs

  • Build student confidence

  • Improve learning, understanding and conceptual thinking

  • Provide a resource for parents to refresh their knowledge so they can also assist children at home

  • Provide professional and personal development opportunities for adults


*Diagnostic Assessments

Assessments that provide data used to determine a student's learning path.

Face-to-face Coaching to Accommodate the Individual

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses

  • Misconceptions

  • Parental requests

  • Assessment requirements 

  • Homework help 

  • Revision of topics being taught in school




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